Strategies for Successful Soybean Planting and In-Season Growth

While soybean yields have steadily increased, there are a number of planting and in-season strategies that can further increase soybean yields. After successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to share with your customers: The factors to consider when planting soybeans How to determine the ideal soybean planting rate The physiological change during each […]

Preparing for Planting: Managing Early Season Stressors to Unlock Yield Potential

Seed is a grower’s largest initial input cost and must be protected to ensure yield potential. From the time seed leaves the planter, a series of factors ranging from soil conditions and competition from weeds, to insect and disease pressure may impact yield potential. Early in the season, cold, wet soils can inhibit germination, root […]

Diving into Research Reports from Across the Regions

The industry is changing rapidly. From new pre-planting regimen considerations to late-season interventions, growers have many opportunities to influence plant growth. Growers and suppliers alike must understand the nuances that are impacting the state of the industry today and the fields of tomorrow.

Preventing Nutrient Tie-Up with Effective Phosphorus Management

Under the best soil conditions, growing crops can only access up to 20% of phosphate fertilizer. Learn about the new tools that make it more available.

Season-Long Corn Management

Achieving high-yielding corn requires a comprehensive management plan – from pre-planting all the way to grain fill and beyond.

Phosphorus Project Year in Review

In this course, you will discover how West Central products can help increase phosphorus availability and offer specialized solutions for your grower customers.

2018 Year in Review

This course highlights new research and cutting-edge products introduced in 2018 to give you tools to help growers improve yields and, in turn, increase your ROI.

Profit Opportunities for Retailers

This course highlights the top five emerging segments that will help retailers and growers deliver incremental yield and solid ROI’s.

LIFT Ag Academy

The LIFT Ag Academy is brought to you by CHS Agronomy and its partners. This educational resource is offered to retailers to help them grow their business by understanding the agronomic issues their customers face.


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