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Improving Soil Health and Fertility through Soil Sampling

CEU Credits: 0.5 |
Soil & Water Management
*CHS Agronomy has submitted this course and is awaiting approval from the Agronomy Society of America. Once approval is received, your transcript will automatically update and if your CCA number is included on your profile your credits will automatically be reported in 4-6 weeks.x
Published 10/26/2021
| Course Duration: 37:49

Soil is a living, breathing organism, vital for high yields and the overall success of any farming operation. Helping your customers achieve maximum crop potential starts with maintaining and improving soil health. Take this course to help your customers drive soil productivity through an understanding and management of soil type, properties, pH and nutrients.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to share with customers:

  • Soil sampling procedures
  • Lab extraction methods for soil tests
  • How to analyze, interpret and use soil test data
  • Soil pH management in cropping systems
  • Nutrient management in cropping systems
  • Tools to improve soil health
  • How to increase the availability of nutrients in the soil


William Russell

William Russell

CHS Agronomy, Technical Specialist

William Russell is a Technical Specialist with CHS Agronomy covering the states of Texas, Oklahoma, part of Kansas, western Missouri, and western Arkansas. He has worked for CHS for 3.5 years in his current role, and lives in western Arkansas. Prior to CHS, William was the Director of Agronomy, CPP, and Seed sales for a Coop in western Arkansas. He also worked a short period for Valent USA as a Biorational Crop Sales representative and as the Director of Sustainability & Agriculture for a vegetable processor for many years. He has a Masters of Science in Entomology and Weed Science from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.