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Take Out the Competition: Eliminating Disease and Weeds

CEU Credits: 0.5 |
Integrated Pest Management
*CHS Agronomy has submitted this course and is awaiting approval from the Agronomy Society of America. Once approval is received, your transcript will automatically update and if your CCA number is included on your profile your credits will automatically be reported in 4-6 weeks.x
Published 08/23/2021
| Course Duration: 41:17

Corn and soybeans fields are facing more competition than ever from hard-to-control diseases and weeds. Take this course to help your customers eliminate late-season disease and weed pressure starting with on-target fungicide and herbicide application using adjuvants.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to share with customers:

  • Risk factors that contribute to late season disease
  • Symptoms and management for common corn and soybean diseases
  • Considerations prior to a fungicide application
  • When to use an adjuvant
  • How resistance to herbicide forms in weeds
  • Resistance management principles for weed control


James Rose

James Rose

CHS Agronomy, Technical Specialist

James Rose is part of the CHS Agronomy Product Development Department and is focused on product research and customer support. James’s position as technical specialist for Eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Western Tennessee largely focuses on adjuvant research and crop protection. James comes from the University of Arkansas where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Environmental, Soil, and Water Science. He is completing a Masters degree in Weed Science where research was centered around new 2,4-D and dicamba crop technologies.

Expertise: General agronomy, weed science, dicamba, 2,4-D, soil fertility, and soil science

Deane Jorgenson, Ph.D.

Deane Jorgenson, Ph.D.

Syngenta, Technical Development Lead, West Heartland

Deane Jorgenson is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the technical campaign strategy in the West Heartland Crop Protection Commercial Unit, Golden Harvest West and NK Commercial Units in the Western Corn Belt. She joined Syngenta in 2013 as a Crop Protection Field Scientist at the Syngenta facility in Stanton, MN, where she conducted research and development field trials in multiple disciplines, including Novel Chemistries, Seed Care, Herbicides, Nematicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, In-bred and Hybrid Herbicide Characterization, and Trait Development.  Deane holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in Entomology from the University of California, Riverside, where she studied Stink Bugs and Thrips, respectively. She is an active member of several professional societies (North Central Weed Science Society and Entomological Society of America) and serves on regional and national committees for those societies. Deane lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with her husband and two children.   

Jami Loecker

Jami Loecker

Syngenta, Agronomy Service Manager, West Heartland

Jami Loecker is an Agronomy Service Manager for Syngenta in the West Heartland Customer Unit. She leads a team of agronomists who provide crop protection technical training and support to sales staff and retail partners, teaches skills to improve Syngenta staff and partners’ technical agronomy acumen, and advocates for a solutions-based approach to agriculture. Jami began her career with Syngenta 13 years ago in seed sales and later transitioned into retail crop protection. Prior, she worked for Edenspace, a cellulosic ethanol research company. Jami received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Kansas State University in Agronomy with a soil fertility focus and a secondary major in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Currently, she resides in Manhattan, KS, with her husband, Bill, and their two children.