Devin Wirth

CHS Agronomy, Technical Representative

Devin Wirth is originally from a small farming community in northern North Dakota. He received his Bachelor’s degree and is pursuing his Master’s degree from NDSU. Devin worked under Richard Zollinger as a research specialist conducting herbicide and adjuvant plot work for eight years. He has now been with CHS Agronomy for over 1 year […]

James Rose

West Central Distribution

James Rose is part of the West Central Product Development Department and is focused on product research and customer support.

Jerry Ries

CHS Agronomy

Jerry Ries is a Research and Product Analyst with West Central Distribution.

Gail Stratman


Gail Stratman is the Heartland Regional Technical Manager with FMC. He has been with the company for 24 years in Nebraska.

Todd Mayhew

Valent, Seed Protection Product Development Manager

Todd Mayhew has been with Valent field development for 23 years, starting as an FMD specialist in IL.

Travis Palmquist

West Central Distribution

Travis Palmquist is a seed improvement specialist for West Central Distribution.

Andrew Fillmore

CHS Agronomy, Technical Specialist

Andrew Fillmore is a technical specialist for West Central Distribution in their western geography, covering Montana, Washington, and Idaho.

Brad Joern

The Climate Corporation

Brad Joern is the lead senior scientist for phosphorus and potassium at The Climate Corporation.

LIFT Ag Academy

The LIFT Ag Academy is brought to you by CHS Agronomy and its partners. This educational resource is offered to retailers to help them grow their business by understanding the agronomic issues their customers face.


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