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2018 Year in Review: Successes and Wins that Benefit Retailers

CEU Credits: 1 |
Integrated Pest Management
Published 01/28/2019
| Course Duration: 53:04

This course highlights new research and cutting-edge products introduced in 2018 to give you tools to help growers improve yields and, in turn, increase your ROI. After successful completion of this course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • Why growers should increase phosphorus availability using unique technology found in the Levesol family of products.
  • The importance of good canopy cover to help with weed control earlier in the growing season.
  • Why the unique chemistries in Paralign make the all-in-one starter fertilizer so unique.
  • The importance of choosing the right adjuvant product to help sharpen your weed control program.
  • How natural plant growth regulators increase plant performance.
  • What adjuvants are approved for use with the newest soybean varieties.
  • The benefits of using the new Bifender FC to control soil dwelling and surface insect pests.


Corey Klaphake

Corey Klaphake

CHS Agronomy, Technical Product Specialist

Corey Klaphake received his B.S. in Crop and Weed Science from North Dakota State University in 2015. Since March of 2015 he has worked for the former West Central Distribution, LLC and now CHS Inc. He started out in West Central’s Product Development group as the company’s Product Registration Coordinator. During this time, he became involved in research and development of new products. In October 2016 Corey moved to Champaign, Illinois and started a new position as a Technical Specialist. He currently covers Western Illinois and Iowa.

Joe Sandbrink

Joe Sandbrink

CHS Agronomy, Technical Development Specialist

Joe Sandbrink is a technical development specialist with CHS Agronomy where his focus has been on the development of novel adjuvant systems for the new dicamba and 2,4-D crop technologies as well as training on best management practices. Prior to CHS Agronomy and West Central distribution, he worked for 35 years for the Monsanto Company in St. Louis, MO as a research scientist and in the product development group. Joe was part of a team that developed Roundup Ultra, Roundup Ultra MAX, Roundup WeatherMAX, Roundup PowerMAX as well as numerous Roundup Lawn and Garden formulations. More recently he worked on the development of Roundup Xtend and Xtendimax herbicides for the Xtend Crop Systems. Joe received his bachelor’s degree in crop and soil science from Missouri State University.

David Pratt

David Pratt

Vive Crop Protection, Technical Sales Agronomist

David earned both his Bachelor and Master’s degree at Michigan State University. He went on to work for the University for 25 years. He retired from Michigan State University in 2010 where he implemented and managed an on -arm trial testing program. The program tested agriculture inputs as they were introduced to market, and included an extensive variety testing for both corn and soybeans. In 2010, David joined DuPont Pioneer to implement and manage a new on farm variety testing program. In 2016 David joined Michigan Sugar Company as their Chief Agronomist. In 2018 David joined Vive Crop Protection as their Technical Sales Agronomist.