Explore Innovative Tools To Manage Phosphorus

Tools To Manage Phosphorus

Discover cutting edge tools to target, track, and solve phosphorus management issues in your grower’s fields.

September 25, 2017
40 Minutes


Brad Joern
Brad Joern
The Climate Corporation
Steve Carlsen
Steve Carlsen
West Central Distribution



As an ag retailer, you understand the importance phosphorus plays in healthy crop production and in your growers’ quest to maximize their yield potential.

Explore the resources in this course to help your growers produce their maximum yields each season by providing their crops the nutrients they need, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate amounts, and by making sure plants can access essential nutrients in the soil and from fertilizer applications. Each year an estimated 47 million tons of phosphate fertilizer is used globally for production agriculture, costing over $41 billion annually. Worldwide, current phosphorus efficiency in grains is estimated to be less than 10 percent.

Join us to discover the best tools to help your customers maximize their profitability through increased yields by increasing the availability and efficiency of the phosphorus in their soil and in the fertilizers, being applied to their crops. Learn how to help them get the most out of starter fertilizer applications to help maintain better yield potential from the beginning.

By successfully completely this 40-minute course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • The importance of making phosphorus and other micronutrients accessible to their crops.
  • How to use precision agriculture technology, including a management platform like Climate FieldView™ to learn more about the current soil test levels in their fields.
  • How to improve their soil test levels of phosphorus, to take their yield to the next level.
  • How to use the appropriate fertility tools, including Levesol to achieve the maximum effectiveness and benefits from the essential nutrients in their soil and in their fertilizer.

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Phosphorus in the Soil – The Climate Corporation (10 minutes)
  • Phosphorus Availability – West Central and The Climate Corporation (5 minutes)
  • Increase Phosphorus Efficiency with Levesol (5 minutes)
  • The P Project: Bringing it all together (12 minutes)
  • Using all Your Tools – Taking the P Project to the Field (7 minutes)

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