Season-Long Crop Protection & Weed Management

Season-Long Crop Protection

Learn how the adjuvant landscape transformed this season and what to expect next season for effective crop protection and weed control.

July 17, 2017


Joe Sandbrink
West Central Distribution



Join us as we explore how the adjuvant landscape transformed this season and what to expect next season as the new traits and herbicide formulations continue to expand to even more acres across the country.

You’ll also discover why your best line of offense to maximize yields includes a strong fungicide program and how to provide guidance to your customers if they are considering cutting back on their fungicide applications due to cost concerns.

We also recently launched our In The Field Video series and will debut three videos as part of this course, including “Japanese Beetle Thresholds”; “Avoiding High Value Crop Damage”; and “Exploring How to Minimize or Avoid the Negative Impacts of Palmer Amaranth.” These short, agronomic videos provide convenient, ongoing training as they take you out in the field to hear from experts about timely and important agronomic topics.

By successfully completely this 36-minute course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • Why it is important and how to properly follow the adjuvant requirements for the new pesticide technologies.
  • What concerns growers had using fungicides this season and the main benefits of using Headline AMP®.
  • How to scout for Japanese Beetles in your fields.
  • What we saw this season regarding Palmer Amaranth and what to do if you find the troublesome weed in your fields.
  • How to avoid or minimize damage to high value crops with the new herbicide technologies.

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Adjuvant Requirements for the New Pesticide Technologies
  • Headline AMP Fungicide Maximizing your Corn Crops Potential
  • Japanese Beetle Thresholds with Corey Klaphake
  • High Value Crop Damage and Prevention with Joe Sandbrink
  • Exploring Resistant Weed Palmer Amaranth

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