Maximizing Crop Protection with In-Furrow Applications

Discover how applying fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides in-furrow can benefit you growers’ fields and increase their bottom line.

Nutrient Efficiency & Starter Fertilizers

Learn more about how starter fertilizers can set up a field for success and protect yield potential from the beginning.

Optimizing Soil Fertility Through Fall Fertilization & Iron-Chelated Fertilizers

Join us to explore the benefits and best practices for fall fertilization. Learn how to successfully combat Iron Deficiency Chlorosis.

Explore Innovative Tools To Manage Phosphorus

Discover cutting edge tools to target, track, and solve phosphorus management issues in your grower’s fields.

Season-Long Crop Protection & Weed Management

Learn how the adjuvant landscape transformed this season and what to expect next season for effective crop protection and weed control.

Essential Nutrients

It is crucial that crops receive the appropriate amount and the correct form of each essential nutrient.

STI Customized: Create & Market Customized Seed Treatment

Explore seed treatments and the benefits that custom blends can offer your business better treatment strategies and more sound agronomic practices.

LIFT Ag Academy

The LIFT Ag Academy is brought to you by CHS Agronomy and its partners. This educational resource is offered to retailers to help them grow their business by understanding the agronomic issues their customers face.


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