Maximizing Crop Protection with In-Furrow Applications

Discover how applying fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides in-furrow can benefit you growers’ fields and increase their bottom line.

April 17, 2018
41 Minutes


Steve Roehl
Steve Roehl
West Central Distribution

In this course, you will learn how in-furrow applications promote fast, even emergence and provide insect and disease control starting at the seed.

In-furrow applications are beneficial for a variety of soil-applied technologies including fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. By applying these technologies directly in-furrow, providing crop protection at planting and allows for nutrients to be accessible to plants for better efficiency. For example, seeds are able to access essential nutrients in their early stages with in-furrow fertilizer applications, giving them a head-start and setting plants up for optimal growth potential.

Discover how to unlock essential nutrients in the soil by applying fertilizers with chelating agents, such as West Central’s Levesol®, in-furrow to increase solubility and plant uptake. Chelate technology in fertilizers enhances nutrient efficiency by making the nutrients more available to the plant. Levesol remains mobile in the plant throughout the season, so by introducing it early and in-furrow, growers are able to maximize both their nutrient availability and plant health.

You will also learn how in-furrow applications of insecticides such as Ethos® XB, also with fungicide capabilities, and Capture® 3RIVE® 3D, can protect yields against seedling pests. With this technology being applied in-furrow, plants have more security against destructive pests including root worm, wire worm, cut worms and more.

We’ll also cover how fungicides, such as BASF’s Xanthion®, applied in-furrow can offer maximum disease protection and maximize plant health.

By successfully completely this 41-minute course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • How in-furrow applications of fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides can help increase nutrient availability and plant health within their fields
  • Best practices for in-furrow applications for a variety of soil additives to get the most out of their applications
  • The benefits of products including chelated fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides and the technology that makes them effective and reliable
  • How to protect your crops against disease and pests

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Leverage the Solubility of Your Crop Nutrients (13 minutes)
  • Xanthion® In-Furrow Fungicide (15 minutes)
  • Fighting Corn Pests (13 minutes)

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