Increasing Drift Control Management with Adjuvant Use

Adjuvant Use

With drift control being top-of-mind in the industry, ensuring optimum herbicide efficacy is vital. Explore how adjuvant use can limit drift and help get the most out of herbicide applications.

45 Minutes


Jerry Ries
Jerry Ries
CHS Agronomy
Tom Kroll
Tom Kroll
Nufarm/Nuseed Americas
James Rose
James Rose
West Central Distribution


Adjuvants , Herbicides

In this course, you will learn how adjuvants help growers maximize herbicide applications and minimize off-target drift as well as crop protection methods for delayed planting.

Learn how different modes of action can increase biological activity and modify various physical properties of a spray solution. Adjuvant-use maximizes herbicide applications through increasing stability and solubility, lowering volatilization, limiting suspension, ensuring optimal droplet size and more. You will explore the different kinds of adjuvants and their uses, including West Central’s Veracity™ Elite II, Cerium™ Elite and Jackhammer™ Elite.

This course also covers delayed spring planting and the precautions to take to yield the best results. With the negative effects of late spring planting such as increased risk of pests and disease, it is important to anticipate challenges to lower devastating yield loss. Products such as Cygin, Salient and Sativa IMF can increase crop protection later in the season.

An important part of crop protection is understanding the issue at hand and the best product options to avoid it. Drift and volatility can lead to ineffective herbicide applications and other damaging effects. In this course you will learn the difference between the two, how to identify them, why they occur and how to better control them.

This course will discuss different drift reduction agents such as Cognitive 1™ and Sedate Max™ and how to make 2018 the best year for drift control.

By successfully completely this 45-minute course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • How to identify the right adjuvant for their herbicide applications
  • Best practices to lower or eliminate drift damage
  • How cereal seed treatments can optimize plant health when planting is delayed
  • The different modes of action available to optimize herbicide efficacy

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Elite Adjuvants: The Next Generation (22 Minutes)
  • Delayed Spring Planting and Cereal Seed Treatments (7 minutes)
  • Drift & Volatility: A Southern Perspective (16 minutes)

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