Starter Fertilizers - A Crowded Space, How To Differentiate.

Starter Fertilizers - A Crowded Space, How to Differentiate.

This course explores the technology behind starter fertilizer and how retailers can use cutting edge technology to bring ROI to their customers.

February 1, 2017


Steve Roehl
Steve Roehl
West Central Distribution
Jake Wiltrout
Jake Wiltrout
Dow AgroSciences



There may seem to be a lot of choices in the starter fertilizer market, but by taking this course you will learn how selecting the right starter fertilizer will better help your customers achieve their yield goals.

Join us for our pilot course as we explore the technology behind starter fertilizer with West Central’s product development data and research analyst Steve Roehl and learn from BASF’s corn fungicide products manager, Scott Stout how you can use cutting edge technology with in-furrow crop protection to bring a great return on investment to your customers.

We will also unveil the “Levesol Proof” and reveal Dr. Below’s “7 Wonders of the Corn World.”

By successfully completing this 35-minute course you will be able to explain to your customers:

  • The reasons crop nutrients such as phosphorus must be in certain specific ionic forms in the soil to be accessed by plants,
  • The importance of fertilizing plants rather than fertilizing acres,
  • The benefits of using nutrient enhancement products such as chelating agents to protect nutrients from forming chemical bonds and increase overall nutrient solubility and crop efficiency,
  • Ways to improve phosphorus and other essential nutrient availability, and
  • The importance of in-furrow fungicides.

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Phosphorus Availability and Nutrient Efficiency,
  • The Levesol Proof,
  • 7 Wonders of the Corn World, and
  • Xanthion In-furrow Fungicide.

Supplemental materials include:

  1. The Importance Of Plant & Soil Nutrient Availability,
  2. How Growers Can Achieve Nutrient Efficiency,
  3. Levesol – New Technology for In-Furrow Fertilizer Strategies,
  4. Popup Fertilizer Benefits to Corn, and
  5. Sales materials.

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