Crop Enhancements to Reduce Heat & Moisture Stress

Crop enhancements can help improve tolerance to excessive heat and moisture, while stimulating the growth and development of the corn and soybeans.

24 Minutes
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Blake Murnan
Blake Murnan
CHS Agronomy
Matt Pauli
CHS Agronomy, Technical Product Manager
Ryan Hageman
West Central Distribution


Crop Enhancements

In this course, you will learn how crop enhancements, like plant growth regulators (PGRs) and biological enzymes, help growers stimulate plant growth during temperature extremes.

You will learn about the five types of PGRs and why they are important to plant health and development. PGRs are naturally occurring chemical messengers that plants naturally produce in low concentrations and impact the growth of targeted plant cells.   You will explore how West Central’s PGR Cygin™ incorporates three types of PGRS – cytokinin, auxin and gibberellic acid – which are geared towards maximum plant productivity.

This course also covers heat and moisture stress in corn and soybeans, and how to reduce low moisture stress in crops. High heat can reduce yields and can negatively affect pollination through reduced pollen production, reduced pollen availability and reduced silking. Learn more about the effects of drought stress on different growth stages of corn and soybeans as well as the visual signs of drought.

Watch how crop enhancement products such as Revival™, a biological enzyme, help reduce drought stress through three modes of action:

  • Preventing the drying of plant matter
  • Allowing for water movement between plant cells
  • Keeping water where it is needed most

This course also demonstrates health differences in a corn field that is partially treated with BASF’s Manticore LFR fungicide and insecticide in-furrow. West Central technical specialist, Matt Pauli, shows the difference in plants that had been treated and those that had not. It is compatible with starter fertilizer and is liquid fertilizer-compatible and is easy to use.

By successfully completely this 24-minute course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • How crop enhancements can help stimulate the growth of plants for maximum productivity
  • How the different modes of action for each PGR affect the crops by either stimulating or delaying the development of plants
  • The difference between natural vs. synthetic plant growth regulators
  • The effects of heat stress and moisture stress in corn and soybeans
  • How to identify the visual signs of drought in corn and soybeans
  • The importance of using crop enhancement tools to reduce drought stress in corn and soybeans

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Plant Growth Regulators: What’s the big deal? (9 min)
  • Heat and Moisture Stress in Corn and Soybeans (10 min)
  • In the Field: Managing Stress in Corn with Revival (3 min)
  • In the Field: Check out BASF’s Manticore LFR in Corn (2 min)

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