2018 Year in Review

This course highlights new research and cutting-edge products introduced in 2018 to give you tools to help growers improve yields and, in turn, increase your ROI.

January 28, 2018
2018 Year in Review


Corey Klaphake
CHS Agronomy, Technical Product Specialist
Joe Sandbrink
West Central Distribution
David Pratt
Vive Crop Protection

This course highlights new research and cutting-edge products introduced in 2018 to give you tools to help growers improve yields and, in turn, increase your ROI.

This course will explore several initiatives, including:

  1. The Phosphorus Project
  2. Soyshot® research update
  3. Paralign® and Last Chance® new product introduction
  4. Cygin® research update
  5. Soybean trait update and approved adjuvants
  6. Bifender® FC new product introduction from Vive Crop Protection

The first initiative to be highlighted is The Phosphorus Project, which studied how phosphorus availability for plant uptake could be improved using soil tests, digital ag tools and in-furrow starter fertilizers. West Central developed the project to help growers see the benefits of using the starter fertilizer enhancer, Levesol®, to increase phosphorus availability and uptake.

Retailers can also learn more about how West Central products can help you target new markets and offer specialized solutions for your grower customers, using products like SoyShot, Paralign, Cygin and Last Chance. Research trials for all of these products show the benefits and ROI that can be gained from incorporating them into a grower’s crop production plan.

This course also covers the soybean traits that have been approved, or that are expected to be approved in the next few years. One new soybean variety, Enlist® 3 from LIFT Partner, Corteva Agriscience, was approved for export to China shortly after the training video was completed. Dicamba label rule updates and other approved adjuvants are also highlighted.

LIFT Academy Partner, Vive Crop Protection, introduces its latest insecticide, Biofender FC, which uses the exclusive Allosperse Delivery System. Learn more about the benefits of using the insecticide with a starter fertilizer.

By successfully completely this 60-minute course you will be able to share with your customers:

  • Why growers should increase phosphorus availability using unique technology found in the Levesol family of products.
  • The importance of good canopy cover to help with weed control earlier in the growing season.
  • Why the unique chemistries in Paralign make the all-in-one starter fertilizer so unique.
  • The importance of choosing the right adjuvant product to help sharpen your weed control program.
  • How natural plant growth regulators increase plant performance.
  • What adjuvants are approved for use with the newest soybean varieties.
  • The benefits of using the new Bifender FC to control soil dwelling and surface insect pests.

This course includes the following lessons:

  • 2018: Wins for our Retailers (26 min)
  • New Soybean Trait, Chemistry and Approved Adjuvants Update (16 min)
  • Introducing Bifender FC: A Better In-Furrow Choice (12 min)

Supplemental materials include:

  • Agronomy Updates
    • Paralign PDF
    • Soyshot PDF
  • Sales Materials
    • Cygin [PDF]
    • Last Chance [PDF]
    • Paralign [PDF]
    • Soyshot [PDF]
    • Levesol [PDF]

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